We at Total Financial Solutions, Inc. work with people of all ages…

helping them keep their principal protected from market risk, by asking questions to determine what is best for each person individually. We help our clients to help protect, grow and preserve their assets.

Welcome To Total Financial Solutions, Inc.

At Total Financial Solutions, our mission is to help you protect principal, provide guaranteed* income for life**,
and design retirement strategies for your needs.
We assist in building strategies to help you meet your financial goals.
We are committed to treating every client with special care, whether we help with one portion of your insurable needs, or with your entire retirement income strategy.

Protect Principal

Risk is defined as a probability of threat, liability, or loss. While risk has been known to bring reward, our philosophy is different. We believe in strategies that help protect your principal from market risk. Helping you keep what you have earned, without risking your principal, is central to our business and relationship with our clients.

Guaranteed* Income for Life**

We know that people are living longer today, and that means retirement assets need to last longer, too. We can help design a strategy that could provide you with reliable, guaranteed* income for the rest of your life.**

Retirement Strategies for Your Needs

Our clients benefit from simple, proven retirement strategies, and we understand that no two clients are alike. We can work with you to design a solid retirement strategy that fits your unique financial goals. Also, we can help should your financial needs change in the future. Our goal is to help you feel more financially confident that you can live the retirement life you want!


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