Downsizing For Seniors – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour – November 7, 2017

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Downsizing For Seniors – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour – November 7, 2017

by Total Financial Safer Money Hour

Hosts: Arif Halaby & Jeff Girard

Topic: Downsizing For Seniors

Guest: Peter Gal, Encore Senior Move Specialists, Coach Ron Tunick

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On this episode of Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour, Hosts Arif Halaby welcomes special guest Peter Gal of Encore Senior Move Specialists.

What we do is help seniors downsize and help those that are transitioning into a new home or assisted living facility, Peter said. We provide all aspects of the move and facilitate the whole move from A to Z.

One thing I noticed is that when we are in that financial time in our life when downsizing is the next move in our lives, often there is a connection with materials and things we have accumulated and letting go is difficult, Arif said. How do you know when it is time to downsize and let go of some of those possessions.

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Downsizing is a choice when you are in your elder years and taking care of the house and even yourself at times is becoming to much and having someone assist you is the best option, Peter said. What we do is make that transition comfortable and make sure your new home is your home and not a hotel room of sorts.

Arif welcomes special guest Ron Tunick and discusses health insurance premiums.

“Everything is a problem for everyone until it happens to you; then it’s a catastrophe,” Arif said.

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