Leadership and Time Management – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour – May 2, 2017

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Leadership and Time Management – Total Financial Safer Money Hour – May 2, 2017

by Total Financial Safer Money Hour

Hosts: Arif Halaby & Jeff Girard

Topic: Leadership and Time Management

Guest: Ara Norwood, COC adjunct professor and managing partner at Leadership Development Systems

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On this episode of Total Financial Solutions, hosts Arif Halaby and Jeff Girard discuss leadership and time management and welcome guest Ara Norwood, College of the Canyons Professor and managing partner at Leadership Development Systems.

Our objective is to focus on making you get better so you can work for yourself, Arif said. This doesn’t mean that you have to become an entrepreneur but at the end of the day you are working towards yourself to provide for you and your family.

You on a weekly and daily basis make sure you go to the grocery store, go pick up the cleaners, pick up the kids from practice, cook dinner and the list goes on. What all this means is you show time management. What we are here to assist you on, is transferring those time management skills to your finances, so you can better manage your wealth and ultimately yourself and your family.

Say you make $50,000 a year. Over 20 years you would have came across $1 million dollars, there is no reason for you to have $800 in your checking account and $4,000 in your retirement account. There are circumstances yes, however that can be accounted for, if you save wisely and use you TIME MANAGEMENT skills wisely.

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To better understand Time management and Time Value, Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour welcomes Ara Norwood to the show.

Essentially, time management is getting things accomplished that you want to get accomplished, Norwood said. Time management and time value can be measured on how you organize and execute around priorities.

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