Life Insurance As A Transfer Of Wealth – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour – August 15, 2017

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Life Insurance As A Transfer Of Wealth – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour - August 15, 2017

by Total Financial Safer Money Hour

Hosts: Arif Halaby & Jeff Girard

Topic: Life Insurance as a form of wealth transfer

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On this episode of Total Financial Solutions, Hosts Arif Halaby and Jeff Girard discuss the complexities of life insurance and how it is can be a valuable option for transferring wealth to the people of need in your life, whether they be children, spouse, etc.

Life insurance has the potential to be important if properly utilized in a comprehensive retirement plan, helping loved ones recover from financial risks and unexpected costs, increasing their chances of reaching long-term goals and dreams.

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How to Utilize Life Insurance

If your family depends on your income, it should be the basis of any solid retirement plan because you can’t invest your way out of an untimely death. When a spouse passes away, the survivng spouse may struggle to meet income needs. Life insurance can be used to iensure enough money is available to replace any lost social security or other income.

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