Paying For College And Student Debt – Total Financial Solutions Safer Money Hour – August 29, 2017

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Paying For College And Student Debt – Total Financial Safer Money Hour – August 29, 2017

by Total Financial Safer Money Hour

Hosts: Arif Halaby & Jeff Girard

Topic: Paying For College And Student Debt

Guest: Ron “The Coach” Tunick

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On this episode of Total Financial Solutions, Host Arif Halaby welcomes Coach Ron Tunick to discuss Student Debt, Student Loans and how to pay for college.

Today will discuss two things, Arif said:

  1. What are the alternatives to today college costs
  2. Does it make sense for people to consider not going to college.

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A college or university used to be the only place to find knowledge and gain the experience needed to prepare you for the work force and those higher level positions, Arif said. However with the innovations of technology and information at our fingertips, the old system of going to college in order to be successful is changing just a bit.

When you are hired by an employee your job is to come in and be curious, be exciting, be bold, be assertive, Arif said. But we are in a society when fresh graduates are wanting to be told what to do and also expect to make $50,000 or more out of the gate.

Say your 20 years old, where do you start so you can understand the financial responsibilities ahead of you and start a financial plan, Tunick asked.

One of the best decisions is going to a community college, Arif said. Going to a 4 year university is great as well, but not everyone can afford it and community college is a great starting point.

Another great plan you can have is working during your time at college. Having a skill, whether it be painting, plumbing, finance or other, use it to your advantage and do the odd jobs while you can to stay a float during your time at college, Arif said. Every bit counts and this also builds your network and leads into another great plan of attack and that is who you know.

Building relationships in every field you can will only benefit you in the future. It will develop communication skills, develop your likability factor and can also lead to possible employment opportunities.

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