Reliable retirement income strategies you can't outlive.

Want to protect your hard-earned money and secure an income for yourself in retirement?

At Total Financial Solutions, we focus on helping retirees and pre-retirees using the following principles:

Some of your retirement savings should be safe from loss.
You should look for a reasonable rate of return**, over time.
Sometimes the simplest retirement income strategies can provide the best path forward.

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Whether it is through our seminars, webinars, radio show, podcast, or via an in-person appointment, we’re here to help. Let’s discuss your retirement goals. Come find out how protection and lifetime retirement income strategies may fit into your future.

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“The purpose of your money determines the place for your money.” – Arif M. Halaby

Each dollar you have serves a purpose, and it’s important to keep it in the account, product, or plan best suited to that purpose. Do you have money that you want available to protect your loved ones after you pass away? Then, that money should be put in a type of financial vehicle where it can best accomplish that. Are all of your savings in the right place? Your options when it comes to places to put your money are numerous. However, we may be able to help you sort things out. 

About Total Financial Solutions

At Total Financial Solutions, we help retirees learn about ways to protect their savings using specific retirement income strategies.

No matter what is happening in the market or the economy, you ‘ll still need income. If the market fluctuates, which it tends to do, will that impact your retirement?

In many cases, it will. However, with the right tools as part of your strategy, you can gain a degree of safety that many other retirement income strategies would not offer. Your money can indeed be kept safe. 

Arif M. Halaby

For nearly three decades, Arif’s focus and mission have been to help people save money, get out of debt, and prepare for retirement through his company, Total Financial Solutions, Inc.

Arif M. Halaby has dedicated his life to protecting people. He has transitioned from nearly 11 years of service with the Los Angeles Police Department to helping people protect and preserve their hard-earned assets through his financial services company

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Listen in on Arif’s live radio show each week on AM870 The Answer. Or, catch an episode whenever you like via Arif’s podcast, “The Total Financial Hour.” For decades, Arif M. Halaby has worked to serve and protect people. As an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for nearly 11 years, he helped preserve people’s rights and safety. For the last 25 years, Arif has been helping people in a different way: protecting their hard-earned money through his retirement and financial services company, Total Financial Solutions, Inc. Join the discussion!

Why Retirees Choose Us

Do you know what’s missing in the financial world right now? Honesty. You might hear a financial advisor say that they are working hard for you. But, how do you really know? At Total Financial Solutions, we tell it like it is. We think you deserve to know the truth about options for your money. In fact, that’s why we host complimentary webinars and seminars for pre-retirees and retirees. We want you to learn about ways to take control of what happens to your money.

People also tell us that they like working with us for another reason: we keep things simple and easy to understand. What’s the purpose of complex financial terms and retirement income strategies if you don’t know how they work? We don’t keep you in the dark. Instead, we make it our mission to make your options for protecting your retirement savings, and creating a retirement income for life, crystal clear. 

Money Protection

Maybe you’ve built your savings by investing in the market. When you still have other income to live on, this long-haul strategy might work for you. More time means you may have been willing to take more risks.

Yet, as you near retirement, you may feel differently about risk.

Now, you may want to shift your focus to protecting your money. At Total Financial Solutions, we understand this. If you’re looking for a way of providing yourself with income for life, we may have some interesting information. Let’s talk about your options. 

Easy to Understand

Remember, this is your money, and your future. We believe that you should be the one in control. To that end, we take pride in helping sure our clients understand their options for protection and reliable retirement income. Through Arif’s radio show, live interactive seminars, and online webinars, you get an opportunity to learn more. Nothing overwhelming. Just easy-to-understand and straightforward retirement income strategies.

(RRR) Reasonable Rate of Return**

Many good things in life are trade-offs. A little more of something might mean a little less of something else. When it comes to your finances, the type of trade-offs you make matters. At Total Financial Solutions, we help you to protect your wealth, while gaining a reasonable rate of return over time. This particular compromise might not be necessary: You may be able to get decent return rates and safety both in one product. 

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