One of Our Three Core Principles: Keep It Simple

Learn Ways You Can Keep Retirement Simple

When you reach retirement, there is a lot to sort through.

At least when it comes to some of your retirement options, we believe in looking for ways to keep retirement simple. Maybe you’re looking for where to keep your money secure. Or, perhaps you have a 401(k) or an IRA and want to know if there are other places you might be able to move that money to. Also, you might be thinking about your long-term reality and how you might decide to leave a legacy. With all the areas of retirement to consider, we try to help show you considerations to help keep retirement simple.

Help For Making Things Simple and Easy to Understand

Total Financial Solutions has several ways we aim to help make things simple for retirees and pre-retirees. First, Arif M. Halaby offers complimentary seminars and webinars to explain certain concepts. Second, the Total Financial Hour is a complimentary podcast/radio show where listeners can learn more. Finally, we also offer appointments with Arif by contacting our office to schedule a time.

It's That Simple

Is retirement here? In other words, are you now retired? Then, you might have different goals for your money than you did while you were still working. What will you do with this next phase of your life? The possibilities are out there for you to discover. One thing is for sure: if you keep things simple, you may be able to feel comfortable in retirement. Some retirees dread thinking about and having to worry about their money. Yet, by learning more you may be able to keep retirement simple.

First, consider the following:

  1. How much do you know and understand about the places your money "lives" now?
  2. Do you feel confident that your savings have protection?
  3. Who do you call if you have questions about policies or money protection options?

grandson and dog running through sand dunes with his sister and grandparents behind him keep retirement simple

Simple Potential Ideas for Your Retirement

Total Financial Solutions takes pride in explaining things thoroughly. Specifically, we take the time to make sure you know the details of how specific types of insurances or annuities work. 

Also, we discuss the ins and outs of these insurance products in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Of course, if you don’t truly understand how different options work, it may be difficult to feel comfortable with your retirement. Remember, the place of your money determines the purpose of your money. If you want to have options for safety of principal in retirement, we encourage you to learn more for yourself.

When you know better, you can make better decisions for yourself. Furthermore, your retirement is in your hands.

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