“The purpose for your money, determines the place for your money.”
- Arif M. Halaby

A Message from
Arif M. Halaby

Who Makes the Rules?

If you think about human history when it comes to money, who makes the rules? Is it the rich or the poor? Whether it is Cleopatra on the Nile River, Napoleon, or Fidel Castro, our history has many examples of the rich making the rules. At first, this may seem upsetting to some people. Yet, if you really think about it, the fact that the rich make the rules may have possibilities for you, too.

For example, consider the United States of America. This country was founded by wealthy men. Indeed, they made the rules. Yet, they also included the possibility of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for all people. This means that as long as you learned and applied the rules, you could also potentially benefit from those rules.

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Generational Impact


Many people in the United States originally came from somewhere else. My own parents immigrated here in the late 1970’s legally, and worked hard their entire lives to try to make a better life for the next generation. My father worked for decades for a company and saved for his whole life. Yet, when he was about to retire, he lost his savings. This had a big impact on me and shaped me in looking for ways of establishing security in my life as well as others’ lives.

Knowledge Isn’t (Necessarily) Power

Some people say that knowledge is power. Yet, if this is true, wouldn’t we have more millionaires and billionaires in this country? After all, most Americans have instant access to information on the Internet right on their phones or computers. If it was just that simple, wouldn’t everyone be successful? 

I believe that having the right type of knowledge and being able to make decisions about your own financial future is what creates the difference. The old way of doing things isn’t necessarily what works now. Being able to be open-minded to new information and being able to take control of where your money is placed in retirement may help. Instead of putting your future in someone else’s hands, you may have the option of becoming your own best advocate for your retirement.

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What’s The Purpose of Your Money

Your money is a tool. It’s an exchange currency that allows you to access experiences or commodities that are important to you. Therefore, money can have many different purposes. For example, if you have cash in your pocket and you are planning to meet up with friends for coffee, then that cash has the purpose of buying your coffee. If you have cash in savings, then the purpose of that money might be to take care of life’s “unexpected” events, like home or car repairs. 

However, if your money is set aside for retirement, then you may want to put it somewhere that your money can remain safe. This is the area of financial knowledge that we help people learn about: options for keeping your retirement savings principal protected and potentially being used as income over time for you as well. 

Find out ways to protect your money in retirement. Contact us today to learn more at an upcoming seminar or call us to schedule an appointment. 

Helping You Discover Potential Places for Money You Wish To Protect, 

Arif M. Halaby

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