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The Total Financial Hour podcast and radio show, with host Arif M. Halaby, helps you learn about your own potential and financial power. Financial security may help you live the life you dream, and Arif invites you to be a part of the discussion.

Ask Arif

Have a question for Arif? Fill out the form below. Your question just might get read on the air on one of our radio/podcast episodes!

Some topics people ask about include:
  • Retirement income
  • Ways of protecting your retirement savings
  • How to create an income in retirement that cannot be outlived
  • Life insurance – how might that factor into your retirement strategy?
  • Inflation and life’s emergencies: how to keep money aside for these events
  • Money markets, certificates of deposits (CDs) and fixed annuities: what’s the difference?
  • Financial debt and retirement 
  • And so much more
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Now’s your chance to get insight from a man who’s been serving and protecting people his entire career.

Just fill out the form below and “Ask Arif” your Total Financial Hour question.


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