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In each episode, Arif M. Halaby, President of Total Financial Solutions, discusses lively topics that may impact your retirement or financial future, including:

Potential Retirement Challenges
  • Things you don’t need to pay for once you’re retired
  • Common retirement myths 
  • Mistakes some retirees make that force them to go back to work
  • Retiree grandparents: Are you a caregiver for your grandchildren?
Social Security
  • In 2017 Social Security declared thousands of people dead – they had to prove they were alive to get their benefits – could this happen again?
  • When should you take your Social Security income?
  • Do you still get Social Security if you are divorced?
  • What happens if you move to another state in retirement?
State Government
  • The “fake solar industry” and other potential California policy impacts
  • Could Green Energy actually impact your retirement?
  • If a state declares bankruptcy, could this impact your retirement savings?
  • California drought – what could this mean for the state economy?
National Government
  • Student loans, parent-plus loans: Could these impact your retirement savings?
  • Inflation during Biden’s Presidency
  • What is Shrinkflation?
  • Are big corporations in the U.S. impacting retirement?
Changes in Retirement
  • Starting a business in retirement?
  • Taking care of your family and legacy after retirement
  • The definition of real wealth: keeping your money safe
  • Cost of living increases – what is your strategy?
Inflation and Economic Changes
  • What is the “Great Resignation”?
  • Being ready even when the buzz word is “uncertainty”
  • Stagflation: what does it mean and how might it impact your retirement
  • 10 key variables that sometimes impact retirement income
Some Options for Retirement You May Not Be Aware Of
  • The different types of annuities 
  • Creative ways to save money for retirement (travel cost shortcuts)
  • Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) – why do some retirees use this as part of their retirement strategy?
  • Tax deferred income options

On our podcasts, we also answer listener emails.

Retirees or pre-retirees can send in their questions and Arif will answer some of those questions on the podcast. Have a question?

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