Serve And Protect

Total Financial Solutions believes in giving back to our community.

Arif M. Halaby has been serving and protecting the people of California nearly all his adult life. For 10 and a half years, Arif served in the Los Angeles Police Department, working hard to protect life and the law. In the two decades since then, Arif has continued his quest to serve and protect. However, his focus shifted from law enforcement to financial services so he could help in protecting people’s hard-earned money as well as their financial future.

senior couple driving with roof top down serve and protect

Total Financial Solutions is grateful for the opportunity to work with our incredible clients.

We respect those who work hard to achieve their dreams. Yet we also know how important it is to help those who need a helping hand. Below are just some of the causes and organizations we have worked to support over the years. We believe in the power of paying it forward, and thank our clients who have also supported us in this community service and philanthropic efforts. 

Serve And Protect

Some of the organizations and causes Arif M. Halaby or Total Financial Solutions have supported include:

Cajun's Aviation Dream - 2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament

“We want to thank everyone that braved the heat to spend the day with us and those that participated virtually! We could not keep Cajun’s legacy alive without your love and support!

We also want to thank Everyone behind the scenes that made this happen!” – Cajun’s Aviation Dream

Sponsors – Total Financial Solutions, Inc. & CRSI Computer Resource Specialists Inc.

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