One of Our Three Core Principles: RRR**

What About a Reasonable Rate of Return** In Retirement?

Guiding Principle:

A reasonable rate of return** may be possible with certain types of financial or insurance options in retirement.

For us, 3 main principles remain at the forefront of our work. First, if things are simple, then you can understand how they work. Indeed, this becomes especially important when it comes to your money and retirement. Second, safety is another focus. Without safety of principal, you may wonder what might happen to your money in the future. Third, we use reasonable rate of return** as another guiding principle.

Your Money - Learn About Your Options

At Total Financial Solutions, we don’t believe in keeping you in the dark. Instead, we want you to seek out information about some options in retirement that you may not be aware of. For example, do any of your current retirement strategies offer a way for you to potentially increase your income if costs rise? A reasonable rate of return in retirement, over time, may be something available to you through certain types of fixed index annuities (FIAs). Of course, each person’s situation varies so be sure to reach out to learn more.

Finding a Balance

Life seems to go a little smoother when we have some balance. When it comes to your money, you may also wish to have some balance. Perhaps you want to keep some of your money in a place where it has safety from an insurance company’s contract terms. Also, you probably want to make sure your income in retirement is enough to sustain your needs. If you are thinking about ways to have a reasonable rate of return in retirement, over time, you may want to take a look at some of the options we can discuss with you.

Fixed Index Annuity (FIA)

An FIA is not a direct stock market investment. Instead, it is a contract that an insurance company has with its annuity policy holder. Within this agreement, you might find information about how this particular FIA and its issuing insurance company might use an index that links with your annuity. For example, the terms in your contract which may impact what type of a potential index interest overtime you may receive might include:

Annuity contract length of time
Potential additional benefits (and their terms and conditions)
Contribution amount into the annuity
Stipulations about income riders
Other information that may change your potential rate, over time
What are you thoughts on retirement savings?
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Can You Still Save if You Lose Money?


If you don’t have enough money to pay increasing costs and living expenses, you may feel like you can’t retire. However, if the money you have in savings is at risk for loss, you might feel uncomfortable about this as well. Some retirees may find themselves looking for conservative places to park their money. Yet, some of these options may seem too conservative for some situations. Also, certain return rates may just not be enough to keep your income level where it needs to be. Total Financial Solutions may be able to help you learn about ways to keep your principal protected yet still see a reasonable rate of return, over time.

Learn More

With life’s trade-offs, you may think there is no way to protect money yet still have an income that you can count on in retirement. However, income from certain products may offer you a way to have access to money over your life time, backed by the claims-paying ability of an insurance carrier. Have questions about some of these options? Contact us to learn more.

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