Each month Total Financial Solutions offers live, in-person, no-obligation dinner events to pre-retirees and retirees who want to learn more about some options for protecting and preserving their money.

None of these events have any cost to attend and there is never any obligation to purchase anything.

You get to enjoy a delicious complimentary meal while you listen in on an informative presentation. Locations for these dinner seminars vary so be sure to contact us or sign up on our email list to find out where we’ll be next. 

Complimentary Seminars: Serving and Protecting Your Future

At each of our educational dinner seminars, you’ll discover some strategies used by some retirees to protect their retirement savings, including:

  • Income in retirement: Is there a way to stabilize it?
  • Managing life’s “unexpected” events: Do you have a plan?
  • Working years versus retirement: Why might you want to consider a new place for your money?
  • Who makes the rules? The answer may surprise you.
  • Current laws and policies regarding retirement: Could they impact your money?
  • Retirement and Risk: Does your current plan match your tolerance for risk?

Also, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about some other retirement concepts including:

  • Potential 403(b)’s, 401(k)’s, and IRA’s Rollover Strategies
  • Some different tax-deferred retirement options
  • Legacy and living benefits: what they could mean for your retirement
  • Retirement savings considerations 
  • Protection strategies for your money and income

Attendees tell us how much they enjoy these lively and informative events.

 We encourage you to join us. Contact us today to make your reservations. Hope to see you there. 

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Let us know the area that you are located in and we will reach out to you about upcoming retirement seminars in your area.

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