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At TFS Financial Insurance Services & Total Financial Solutions, Inc., Can Protect Your Hard Earned Money

Are your savings in the right place, for now and for later?

Unsure about what happens to that hard-earned money after a loved one passes away? That’s where we come in. 

At TFS Financial Insurance Services & Total Financial Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clarita, California, we can help you sort everything out. We help retirees learn about ways to protect their life savings using specific retirement income strategies. When the market or economy fluctuates, you’ll still need income, and you may be impacted. 

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With the right tools, you’ll gain a sense of stability and confidence that other retirement strategies may not offer. With our support behind you, your money is  protected.

You may be thinking, what about life insurance when you retire? Is there a need?

Life insurance offers financial protection for your family when you pass away. Did you know that life insurance can be more than that?

A  properly-funded indexed universal life insurance policy may provide tax-free retirement income. This policy, when structured properly, can secure some of your retirement savings and serve multiple purposes, including addressing taxes and long term care.

One of our main goals is to simplify and breakdown this information for you and your family so you’re well-informed.

We believe in full transparency with our clients, and we are always finding ways to further support our clients,  through our webinars and seminars. Our webinars and seminars are free of cost, and there is no obligation to buy any financial products.

You can register for a seminar on our website at today or call 888-99-RETIRE for any of your questions.

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