Former Cop Becomes Financial Guru

When Arif Halaby joined the LAPD at the young age of 21 he may have mastered his ability to balance his checkbook, but he had no idea thousands of Southern California residents would be turning to him for financial advice as the Founder and CEO of TFS Financial Insurance Services & Total Financial Solutions, Inc.

“Law enforcement was a terrific preparation for my financial career because it allowed me to read body language and understand the nuances in a conversation,” Halaby reflected. “That skill has become invaluable when I meet with clients because, for many, revealing their personal finances is very touchy.”

After suffering a serious collision while pursuing a suspect in Granada Hills, nearly 11 years after he entered the police force, Halaby’s body told him it was time to pursue a different career.

“I was always fascinated with finance,” Halaby shared. “I saw too many of my parents’ friends enter retirement with no financial stability. No one was guiding them.”

Halaby started on a path to educate himself. “In classes I discovered I had a real aptitude for numbers. I always loved listening to people’s stories.”

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Those two attributes were the perfect combination to form TFS Financial Insurance Services & Total Financial Solutions, Inc.”

After building a successful business in Santa Clarita, Halaby decided to share his financial expertise by hosting a weekly program on the valley’s local radio station, KHTS. That was in 2004 A decade later, with his radio skills fine-tuned, Halaby expanded his voice to reach the rest of Southern California. His weekly show, The Total Financial Hour is now heard on Salem Broadcasting’s, The Answer AM-870 every Sunday from 11a-1p.

“I became very comfortable with radio,” Halaby shared. “It’s an intimate medium that allows me to educate through a compassionate and entertaining way.”

Halaby has developed a skill that allows him to relate to people through the airwaves, his financial seminars, and one-on-one consultations.

“When I sit down with a new client, I want to know everything about them before I give any guidance. Often, I’m meeting with both the husband and wife. My years of training as a cop allows me to sense the dynamics between the couple. I’m able to get each of them to share financial concerns and goals. Many times, they haven’t communicated with each other. I become ‘Lucy’ in the Peanuts cartoon, “the psychiatrist is in.”

Arif Halaby is also very involved in his community. Arif created a very successful annual fundraising event for The Boy Scouts of America, ‘The Leaders of Character.’

“All three of my kids loved being involved in the scouts.  I thought what better way to give back than to host an annual tribute to specific Leaders of Character in the Santa Clarita Valley.”

You can be assured of a very different financial consultation when you meet with Arif Halaby. He’ll be able to share financial expertise and guidance in a way you won’t discover anywhere else.

Call Total Financial Insurance Services & Total Financial Solutions, Inc, today at 661-753-9683 or visit:

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